Marianna Goldenberg

Meet Marianna Goldenberg, CDFA®, Founder and CEO, CURO Wealth Management

After immigrating to the U.S. in search of a better life, Marianna committed herself to helping others live their best lives.

Langhorne, PA
Business Model:
Dual Registration

With a degree in math and finance and a will to succeed, Marianna accepted a job on Wall Street. But a compelling conversation with her dad's financial advisor inspired the belief that wealth management could be more than just balance sheets and positive returns. Now, she dedicates herself to sharing financial insights and empowering clients to make better choices for themselves.



I'm an immigrant to this country. I came when I was 18. I went to school at the University of Pennsylvania and went to work for Wall Street when I graduated, like everybody else.

I had my first daughter, and my dad worked for a company that was closing down its doors. So, they asked the financial advisor of their 401(k) plan to come and talk to participants about the options.

So, here I am with a couple-months-old and my dad's financial advisor. I'm sitting there and listening because he asked me to—my dad thought I knew what I was talking about. The financial advisor spent a good hour explaining the options, what he does, how he could help my parents to live a comfortable life, and what they can do with a 401(k).

And at the end of this conversation, I said to him, "Well, how do I do what you do? Because I do numbers, I love numbers, but I lack human interaction." So he says, "I'll get you in to talk to my branch manager, and if you like what you hear and they like you, you're going to be an advisor."

And the rest was history.

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