Entrepreneurial Capital

Access the funding you need to grow, evolve, or transition your business without the time and effort of working with an outside lender.

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Welcome to a better way to fund your endeavors

Obtain debt or equity financing for the future you envision with a personalized, tailored solution that works for you. Rely on Commonwealth as the trusted partner to provide the capital you need for whatever you're planning:

Strategic Growth Projects, Expanded Operations Projects, Merger or Acquisition, Debt Consolidation, Major Life Events, Succession Planning

Loan options

Finance a percentage of firm revenue in exchange for regular payments. Choose from three options:

Traditional Loan

Fund an office expansion or access capital for a merger or acquisition. With a traditional loan, we provide funding in exchange for regular payments and interest without additional fees.

Bridge Loan

Finance a short-term project, or consolidate your debt. With a bridge loan, you receive funding in exchange for interest-only payments without any additional fees.

Jumbo Loan

Expand your business, plan for retirement, or fund a large merger or acquisition. With a jumbo loan, receive up to 100 percent of your firm revenue and pay it back over a longer period of time.

Equity financing

If you're looking for an incentive to grow your business, consider a minority-stake investment. With this option, you receive capital funding in exchange for a percentage of firm revenue. As your revenue increases, so does your percentage share of earnings. The investment is yours for as long as you need it, but you have the option to buy back your stake at any time.

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