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Holistic Investment Solutions, Collaborative Compliance, Proven Technology, Outsource Business Solutions

Holistic investment solutions

Actively manage client assets or outsource investment management with a wide range of options that best serve your clients:

  • Get reliable help from our consultants, whenever you need it.
  • Build scale and efficiency with our fee-based platform.
  • Manage more assets in less time.
  • Create portfolios from a broad range of products.

Collaborative compliance support 

Meet the team that works alongside you, understands how to navigate evolving regulations, and serves as an extension of your practice—not an impediment to doing business. You can rely on:

  • A goal-oriented, consultative approach to compliance best practices
  • Friendly, accessible, and responsive support that helps you run your business
  • Continuous, active engagement with regulators and industry trade groups
  • Specialized consulting services and support for your RIA business

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Learn how the Investment Research team can help you reach your goals.

A robust technology suite  

Manage your clients and run your business anytime, from anywhere, with an integrated technology platform that’s customizable to fit the way you work. Do more, faster with:

  • A personalized dashboard for an at-a-glance look at your entire practice
  • Intuitive planning, model management, and trading tools
  • Flexible portfolio and performance reporting software
  • Storage of client information integrated into our CRM tool
  • Client access to holdings, performance, and outside assets

Outsourced business solutions   

Get access to the people, tools, and guidance you need to embrace your role as CEO. We provide both internal and external resources to help with the business side of your practice, including:

  • Choosing office space
  • Managing legal considerations
  • Overseeing financial matters
  • Establishing a human resources department

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