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Grow your business, reclaim time, and help your clients meet their financial goals with our comprehensive investment solutions.

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If you've got your investment systems in place . . . it gives you more time to look for more assets. With this additional time, we have more time to do things to grow the firm.
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Manage investments with confidence and precision

Scale Growth; Fulfill your vision without overextending yourself. Get Time Back; Focus on other priorities that elevate your business. Stay Flexibile; Pick options that align with clients' changing goals. Access Expertise; Get support from our specialists anytime.

Choose the right path for your clients and your business

Access a variety of investment options through our Preferred Portfolio Services® (PPS) asset management platform. Pick the approach that works best for your business.

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Manage portfolios yourself

If investment management is a core benefit you provide, level up the value you offer. With PPS Custom, you can:

  • Design your own models using individual securities and funds with recommendations from strategists

  • Delegate the day-to-day trading and administration to our in-house specialists

  • Easily manage everything and oversee discretionary accounts online


Delegate investment management to our team of specialists

Focus on building client relationships, not models, by handing over portfolio management to our seasoned investment research strategists. With PPS Select, you can:

  • Match client objectives to models while keeping control over your client relationships

  • Pick from a range of diversified models, including active, passive, income, alternative, tax-aware, and sustainable solutions

  • Reclaim time and create scale by outsourcing due diligence, product selection, portfolio rebalancing, trading, and more

Video: How Does PPS Select Benefit Advisors?

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The PPS Select program, available to clients through Commonwealth advisors, is a wrap program. In a PPS Select account, each client holds a selection of underlying securities, including open-end mutual funds, closed-end funds, individual stocks, and/or ETFs, in an asset-allocated portfolio. Each PPS Select account consists of a percentage mix of asset classes, composed of domestic and/or international fixed income and equity and alternative asset classes, such as commodities and managed futures. The client’s funds are invested separately by the manager. Target allocations are subject to change.


Pick experienced investment strategists to manage portfolios

Help clients meet their investment objectives by working with well-established institutional investment strategists. By relying on qualified third-party portfolio managers, you can:

  • Save time with the ease of use of a turnkey program

  • Provide clients with access to a broad range of investment choices, using mutual funds, ETFs, individual stocks, and bonds

  • Choose portfolios that account for client risk tolerance, time horizon, and investment objectives

See why so many financial practices use our investment solutions to grow their businesses and reclaim time.