Holistic Investment Solutions

Helping your clients meet their financial goals requires a full range of options. We give you the freedom to choose the right product for your client and the flexibility to use our model portfolios.

Everything you need, for every client

Everything you need, for every client 

A breadth of choices and a flexible platform allow you to choose specialized solutions that are as unique as your clients and your business. 

Myriad Options for Creating Portfolios

Selections run the gamut from individual equities, mutual funds, closed-end funds, ETFs, and fixed income products to alternative investments, annuity products, and education plans.

And for Managing More Assets in Less Time

Put our automated model management system to work for you and start building, monitoring, and rebalancing portfolios with just a few clicks. It's just one of many integrated tools that help you streamline tasks and scale your business.

Tips of the Trade to Guide You

Our regularly updated Mutual Fund Recommended List and ETF Reference Guide give you the lowdown on a vast array of asset classes and fund types. We do the due diligence for you, so you can focus on making recommendations that are right for your clients.

Insights You Can Tap Into

Looking for help on portfolio construction or case design? Our investment management and research consultants stand ready to offer guidance. Or, use our interactive online discussion group tool to connect instantly with an entire community of peers to share advice and best practices.

Those who can, research. Meet the people behind our portfolios.

A fee-based platform lets you build scale and efficiency

Our Preferred Portfolio Services® (PPS) asset management platform lets you choose your path to a fee-based asset management practice. Manage accounts at scale with models you create—or, add time back to your day by relying on ours. Whatever your choice, the result is deeper, more meaningful relationships with your clients.

Manage portfolios yourself 

If you prefer to actively manage your client accounts on a discretionary basis—with scale—opt for our PPS Custom program. 

  • Design your own models using individual securities and funds, or take advantage of model portfolio recommendations from Commonwealth, Morningstar/Ibbotson, or Wilshire.
  • Manage everything through our web-based hub, or use our Custom Trading Services program, allowing you to oversee discretionary accounts and delegate the day-to-day trading and administration to our in-house specialists.
Manage Portfolios

Or, outsource it to our team

Experience the best of both worlds with our internal advisory solution, the PPS Select program. Commonwealth's own investment research strategists manage the portfolios, freeing you to focus on building relationships, not models. 

  • You match client objectives to models and maintain control over the relationships.
  • We take care of the due diligence, product selection, portfolio rebalancing, trading, and other administrative responsibilities.
  • Select from a range of models, including active, passive, income, alternative, tax efficient, and SRI/ESG.

You can also choose from one of our outsourced asset management programs, including mutual fund and separately managed account options—or work with one of our approved third-party asset managers.

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