Jeff Godchaux

Meet Jeff Godchaux, AAMS®, Founder, Godchaux Wealth Management

Jeff's "spend more now" philosophy fuels his passion for helping clients live for today while planning for the future.

Lafayette, LA
Business Model:
Dual Registration

Jeff is not your typical advisor. While others may tell clients to save money, he encourages them to spend more of it. He believes they can build a plan that allows them to enjoy life, both now and in their golden years. This mindset is what led him to the industry and continues to drive him after more than 20 years.



I knew we were going to have a family and everything one day, and I wanted to be able to have a good career. And I was always interested in the financial services industry. It always kind of intrigued me. 

I love helping people. I like seeing people succeed and being able to retire and live, you know? A lot of people in the industry, at all costs, they always try to tell their clients, "Oh, save your money, save your money."

I'm like, "Hey, you've got plenty of money. You need to spend more of it and go on vacation. Quit being so tight with your money." And it gives me gratification to see people have that "golden years" type of retirement situation.

It is very gratifying to see people do well and succeed—and help them have a happy retirement.

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