Valiant Women of Commonwealth: Character Counts for Amos and Archinal

Commonwealth Staff
Commonwealth Staff

03.31.21 in The Fee-Only Advisor

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The challenges of the past year have put Jodi Amos and Newlin Archinal, managing partners of 4Rivers Wealth Management, to the test. Their RIA firm was just five weeks—yes, weeks—young and they were in the midst of transitioning their clients when news of the pandemic broke. Guided by the belief that the character and strength of a firm is demonstrated by how it handles crisis, the partners quickly reimagined what their business and client service could look like in a virtual setting. This ability to pivot and deliver their signature high-touch service while relying heavily on technology has transformed a year of unpredictability into one of growth.

To round out our Women’s History Month series honoring the Valiant Women of Commonwealth, our own Christin Clohosey, program manager, practice management, caught up with Jodi and Newlin over Zoom to talk about launching their own RIA and how they’re becoming change agents, lighting the path forward for other women in a male-dominated industry. Watch the video to learn how their vision and business is evolving.

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