Our Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Mission

By integrating diversity, equity, and inclusion into our firm's DNA, we can create meaningful change and serve as role models to our community, the industry, and beyond.

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Welcome to where you can be yourself

At Commonwealth, we believe everyone should feel a sense of belonging. When we take the necessary steps, provide transparency, and hold ourselves accountable, we can help ensure more equitable outcomes for our staff, our advisors and their investors, and the communities where we live, work, and visit.

Promoting diversity in our community

Different perspectives lead to new ideas, bold innovations, and greater productivity. We've pushed to create an environment where people from all backgrounds feel welcome, cherished, and celebrated by:

  • Creating a Women's initiative to accelerate and inspire the recruitment and advancement of women in our field
  • Embracing a fair and impartial hiring process to cultivate a community of varied voices and experiences
  • Restructuring our internship program to intentionally cast a wider net for talent
  • Providing employee resource groups (ERGs) to foster an inclusive work environment
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Scarlett Abraham Clarke, Chief Diversity & Inclusion Officer
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Removing the barriers for participation

Supporting individuals based on their needs will ensure equal opportunities and fair access to everyone. To give those in our community the best possible chance to succeed, we cultivate equity through initiatives, such as:

  • A Summit for Women Advisors designed to help promote growth, influence change, and encourage connection among women in our field
  • A mentorship program to help support career development for women advisors
  • A DEI Hub to provide resources, news, and inspiration to our diverse community
  • An annual DEI audit of our policies and practices to ensure equity
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At Commonwealth, we’re committed to fostering a unique and vibrant community through our inclusive hiring practices. Ready to bring your whole self to work and add to our evolving culture? Apply today!

Fostering a sense of belonging

When people know their voice matters and are invited to participate and contribute, they feel welcomed, supported, and valued in the community. We promote inclusion through:

  • Demographic surveys that help us learn more about our advisors and ensure that our support, programming, growth, and development are equitable
  • DEI sessions at our advisor conferences to share ideas on how we can all make a difference
  • A Commonwealth Voice Initiative to encourage diverse feedback across our community
  • A national engagement survey to measure our efforts against other firms across the country
  • An annual survey to gather input from employees and help shape our DEI strategy

Scarlett Abraham Clarke

Hi, I’m Scarlett, vice president, chief diversity and inclusion officer at Commonwealth.

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