Meet Natalie Barlatier

Why do you like it at Commonwealth?
Pure, authentic friendliness is essential in the workplace. It helps us move, both individually and as a whole, in a positive direction. And that's what I have experienced at Commonwealth. It's exciting to work with people who enjoy what they do. The big-picture vision at this company is to share knowledge with one another, and that keeps me motivated.

What makes this place so special?
I am having a great time here! Every day is a challenge, and it just makes me want to work harder. We don't have to play the politics game like I've heard you have to do in other companies. Management is supportive of dramatic and positive changes, which are sparked by employees working outside the box.

I am constantly adding to and refining my skill set in order to truly become an indispensable employee—which feels great. I am committed to working to my full potential, which means not being afraid to take risks. At Commonwealth, I don't shy away from the challenges.

Which of your Commonwealth accomplishments are you most proud of?
In a nutshell, I help implement designs. I take pride in and ownership of working on the layout and production of our flagship publication, the Commonwealth Business Review (CBR). I strive to create quality products and appreciate that my colleagues work as hard as I do. Basically, we push one another to go beyond the basics and to focus on coming up with elegant solutions.

I am very proud to be a part of a team that creates and designs well-polished and innovative pieces. We keep the client experience in mind and strive to give them the most creative, user-friendly materials.

What, if anything, have you learned about yourself being here at Commonwealth that you didn't know before?
Every day is a good day, and coming to work is part of the fun. People value one another and respect others' opinions. Working as a team—and not just as an individual—is the way to truly be an indispensable employee.

Life at Commonwealth: Our Legacy