Practice Management

So, you're ready to make the move from running your practice to managing your business. Where do you start? Right here. Our experienced consultants will help you get down to the business of your business, bringing your goals and vision to life.

Adam D. Spiegelman Headshot

Adam Spiegelman, Spiegelman Wealth Management

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Forging the best path—together 

Chart your own course with insights and strategies gleaned from Commonwealth practice management experts. Plus, our consulting services come at no additional cost to you.

Financial Analysis

Is your firm's performance on par with industry benchmarks? Our in-depth analysis of your costs and revenues will uncover the answers you need to make strategic business decisions.

Firm Evolution

If you're eyeing a fee-only structure, considering acquiring a practice, or expanding your ensemble, let us help you weigh all the options before making your move.

Scale and Capacity

Whether it's short- or long-term growth you're seeking, our systems can help you scale your business to serve your clients effectively and efficiently.

Business Transitions

How will your business continue without you? Would you like to buy or sell? We'll help you plan for the future, whatever the circumstances.


It's your story, and we're excited to help you tell it. Learn how to define and market to your target audience with consistent, convincing messaging.


Recruit, train, and manage staff or the next generation of advisors with our guidance geared toward building a thriving organization and getting the most from your team.
Adam Spiegelman, Spiegelman Wealth Management with Commonwealth since 2018
Maria Considine King

Maria Considine King

Senior Vice President of Practice Management

Commonwealth consultants: meet Maria

I love how trusting advisors are and how deeply they bring us into their practices and their lives. It's an honor. I do feel that so many of the advisors I've known over the years are really friends. I love that we can establish relationships that have impact—on our advisors and on us.  

I'll consult with you to:

  • Dive into your experience as a business owner
  • Learn about your strengths and uncover opportunities
  • Help you work through what you don't have quite figured out (yet!)
  • Discuss your expectations and visions for your firm
5 Strategies Cover

Get growing with our complimentary 20-point system for revenue generation.


How is practice management consulting different at Commonwealth?

The depth and breadth of our work are at the heart of the value we provide to our advisors. We know what works (and what doesn't) in the field. So, we can guide you toward finding the path that is best for you, offering sound answers and advice on your one-off questions or longer-term initiatives along the way. 


Hi, I'm Kenton, director of practice management at Commonwealth.

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