Welcome to Commonwealth Financial Network®

When Commonwealth was founded in 1979, my desire was to create an open and supportive environment where professionals could be true to themselves (and to their clients), follow their dreams, and grow to their hearts’ content.

Back then, I couldn’t articulate the vision very well. I just knew intuitively that there had to be a better way. We spend more time working than doing anything else in our lives. So why not affiliate ourselves with individuals and organizations that respect our needs and desires?

This is a vision that is more vibrant today than ever. Yet a vision by itself is just that. Exceptional results require exceptional planning and execution. Over the years, we have consistently raised the bar. We pride ourselves on the ability to deliver:

In a world that all too often settles for mediocrity, Commonwealth has a passion for excellence and a reputation for results. And we pride ourselves on being Anything but Common®.

If my message has struck a chord, I encourage you to explore our site further.

If you’re a financial advisor looking to tour our private back-office site, contact Andrew Daniels at 866.462.3638 for a temporary password. You’ll be amazed by what you’ll see!

Thank you for visiting.

Joseph S. Deitch