What We Offer: Research

Our Investment Research team delivers thoughtful, in-depth analysis and due diligence to help you provide the guidance your clients expect and deserve.


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Tap into institutional-quality research from our own Investment Research team—seasoned experts who deliver information on the topics that matter most to you, from economic and market analysis to asset allocation and portfolio construction.

We understand the advisor experience from the inside out. Our team of specialists conveys the type and level of information you need to help you grow your investment and economic knowledge base, your practice, and your client relations. Using their breadth of experience, they probe beneath the surface statistics to provide insight into the trends and developments that drive the numbers.

Our experts cover a wide range of areas that can benefit you and your clients:

  • Investment Management specialists provide regular market and economic commentary, assist you with strategy, and manage our Preferred Portfolio Services® (PPS) Select program.
  • Alternative Strategies experts cover analysis, monitoring, and approval of products such as managed futures, hedge funds, private equity, and structured products.
  • Real Assets specialists provide analysis, monitoring, and approval of products with real assets as the underlying investments, including real estate, infrastructure, natural resources, and commodities.
  • Fixed Income analysts offer insight into the fixed income markets through commentary and one-on-one conversations and also assist with advanced bond portfolios and business development.
  • Equity analysts provide ongoing, comprehensive research and recommendations on investment opportunities in mutual funds, exchange-traded funds, separately managed accounts, and equities.
  • Annuity Product specialists are at your disposal to discuss specific client scenarios and offer impartial feedback and product recommendations in the fixed, equity-indexed, and variable universes. We also provide access to all of the information you need to make the right decisions, including up-to-the-moment product and rider information.
Across the Curve
Insights for advisors

Our comprehensive Internet-based Research Package, which includes Morningstar® Advisor WorkstationSM, Broadridge/Forefield, Argus, and Value Line, is offered on a subscription basis at a substantial discount.


Anchored by our monthly Mutual Fund Recommended List, we offer you a range of complimentary tools and publications that our team has designed for specific investment needs:

  • Fixed Income and Equity Reviews and Proposals for personalized analysis and recommendations that help you garner additional assets from existing and prospective clients
  • Mutual Fund Research Tool, for customizing your view of the funds on our recommended list, filtering for such criteria as sector and country allocation, asset allocation, periodic performance, and more
  • Mutual Fund Snapshots, updated quarterly, for a quick overview of the funds on our recommended list
  • Recommended List Performance, which summarizes performance and risk statistics for all of the funds on our recommended list, benchmarked against their respective Morningstar® categories and major indices
  • REIT Updates, revised quarterly, for in-depth information on each REIT offering on the Commonwealth platform
  • ETF Reference Guide, which helps you navigate the ETF landscape with an overview of a number of product options across a variety of asset classes
  • Taking Stock, a weekly review that provides a thoughtful analysis of the equity markets, including general market news and outlooks and an economic calendar
  • Across the Curve, a weekly deep dive into the fixed income market, with updates from the Federal Reserve and reports on Treasuries, municipals, corporates, and the international fixed income market
  • ETF Research Tool, for an easier way to search for, compare, and analyze exchange-traded products
  • Annuity Research and Comparison Tool, which connects you to up-to-the-minute product and rider information
  • Research Quarterly Call, during which our Investment Research team discusses events in the equity and fixed income markets, macroeconomic themes and opportunities, and any major changes to our recommended list
  • Model Portfolios, a suite of fixed income, equity, income, and alternative asset options that give you a framework to find the best fit for your clients’ investment goals
Market Update
Research for your clients

Enrich your relationships and educate clients with these resources:

  • Weekly and Monthly Market Updates offer overviews of current market events, recaps of index performance, and insight into what these events may mean for the future. Available in PDF and MS Word formats, the updates can be posted on your website or e-mailed to clients, prospects, and other professional partners through Constant Contact.
  • Quarterly Market Update Presentation, a PowerPoint presentation that you can use in client meetings or other settings. Content includes an economic summary and themes that emerged during the quarter, as well as ideas to consider over the next quarter.
  • The Independent Market Observer, senior vice president and chief investment officer Brad McMillan’s blog, aimed at the general investor, with special focus on you and your clients. It’s available at http://blog.commonwealth.com/independent-market-observer.
  • Market Thoughts, a monthly video providing your clients with updates of market and economic performance. The video can be added to your website homepage automatically, along with the Market Updates.