Life at Commonwealth: Best Places to Work

What makes a 34-time Best Place to Work winner?

Start with a commitment to helping employees be the best they can be, add support and services—and finish with a heavy dose of fun!

Below you'll see how some of our staff describe their Commonwealth experience—plus a selection of recent accolades we're particularly proud of.

At Commonwealth, you're the captain of your own destiny. An exceptional place to work is one that gives you the ability to self-direct. We are given the latitude to navigate our careers, the tools to adjust our compass.
— Rose Watson, Director, Advanced Planning
Joined in 2009

Here at Commonwealth, you're encouraged to respectfully push boundaries and test assumptions. We don't want to be good at what we do—we want to be great and work someplace 'awesome.' This only happens with new ideas from everyone, at all levels. You can, then, mold these ideas into opportunities to improve efficiency and master skills.
— James M. Whiteman, Manager, Compliance
Joined in 2008

Commonwealth is family. I have had the opportunity to work in a few different departments in my almost seven years at the firm, and each one has been amazing to work in. Everyone I have worked closely with feels like family to me. From the partners down to the staff, this is a remarkable place to work, filled with incredible people.
— Erin Rainwater, Manager, Practice Management Operations
Joined in 2007

Commonwealth is like my second family my extended family! Joe has made a constant commitment to keeping this type of environment, and that's what I love most about working here. I couldn't be more blessed!
— Tracy Davey, Director, Compensation and Advisory Fees
Joined in 2002

I have been treated like a valued member of the Commonwealth family from the day I started, and I feel truly fortunate to have found a home here. After 10-plus years, I am still dazzled by the spontaneous acts of kindness and giving that occur at Commonwealth, and it continually inspires me to be a more charitable person.
— Linda Lampila, Director, Compensation and Advisory Fees
Joined in 1998

What makes Commonwealth great to me is not only the perks, which are both amazing and generous, but the sense of family and belonging. I look forward to going to work each and every day, knowing I am going to make a difference.
— Paula O'Shaughnessy, Senior Human Resources Generalist
Joined in 1999

Words cannot express how fortunate I feel to be a part of Commonwealth's family. I had never experienced great kindness, dedication, and generosity to an organization's employees until Commonwealth! Truly a remarkable community that is my home away from home!
— Tim Burke, Manager, Transfer of Assets
Joined in 2001

Words cannot express how fortunate I feel to be a part of Commonwealth's family. I had never experienced great kindness, dedication, and generosity to an organization's employees until Commonwealth! Truly a remarkable community that is my home away from home!
— Lori Yaverbaum, VP, User Experience
Joined in 2001

Commonwealth not only cares about its employees, every year, and it is a true testament to Commonwealth's dedication to its people.
— Leah Granger, Supervisor, Operations IT Product
Joined in 2008

I am fortunate to work for such a first-rate organization, with an owner who has a heart of gold and genuinely cares for his employees.
— Dom DiMascio, Manager, Trade Desk
Joined in 1992

This is a special company in so many ways, but nothing is so uniquely Commonwealth as the Sunday River Club. Joe's generosity is more than appreciated and, for it, I offer my sincere thanks. For the first time in my career, when I talk about my job, my friends ask if we are hiring.
— Ethan Young, Director, Insurance and Annuities
Joined in 2002

The generosity that Commonwealth shows its employees is amazing. I am truly honored to be part of a company that is so successful and so appreciative of its people.
— Nancy Dusseault, Director, Transition
Rejoined in 2002

When I first came to Commonwealth, I was in awe of all the generosity and I still am. When I think of Corporate America, this is not what I envisioned. Joe and the partners have managed to give Commonwealth this family-like atmosphere that makes it hard to think about ever leaving.
— Brenda Fleurancois, Supervisor, Licensing
Joined in 1998

I am grateful to work in an environment that champions initiative. We are given support and encouragement to begin, guidance along the way, and recognition and feedback upon completion.
— Nick Follett, Annuity Research Analyst, Annuity Research
Joined in 2010

It may sound cliché, but the sky really is the limit at Commonwealth. There are numerous opportunities available; you just have to be willing to grab the bull by the horns.
— Peter Essele, Portfolio Manager
Joined in 2004

San Diego Business Journal

From 2009 to 2016, Commonwealth has been recognized by the San Diego Business Journal as one of the area's top places to work. Notable in 2013, Commonwealth ranked the #1 Best Place to Work among large companies in 2013. That means Commonwealth has been named a top workplace on both East and West coasts. Companies who make the SDBJ's Best Places to Work list excel at fostering a positive work environment, along with attracting and retaining employees by promoting a unique corporate culture.

Computer World

We are honored to be recognized—for the 10th consecutive year—as one of Computerworld's Best Places to Work in IT among small companies (those with fewer than 1,000 employees). We value this award as recognition of our longstanding commitment to hiring the best and the brightest—the true innovators in their field—and to our success in empowering them to develop the technology solutions our advisors need to achieve their own version of success.

Computer World

From 2008 to 2015, Commonwealth has received high marks from the Boston Globe as an innovative and progressive workplace—welcome confirmation that we continue to succeed in our mission to build a supportive environment where everyone can thrive.

Commonwealth is one of just a handful of Massachusetts companies that has earned a spot every year since the Globe introduced its Top Places list.

Millenials Best Places to Work

Commonwealth is honored to be named a Best Place to Work for Millennials in America 2015. The inaugural list, issued by the Center for Generational Kinetics and in partnership with Best Companies Group, is the first of its kind to identify companies that excel at recruiting, developing, and retaining top millennial performers. As a community that prides itself on being a place where all can thrive, we’re thrilled to be recognized for our commitment to the fastest-growing generation in the workforce.

San Diego #1 Workplace

2013 marks the first year Commonwealth was considered for recognition by the U-T (Union-Tribune) San Diego, and we proudly took the top spot. Commonwealth ranked the #1 Top Workplace among small companies in San Diego for 2013. We were also honored with a special award for ethics, an acknowledgment especially gratifying to a financial services firm.