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    Advisors Build Business Using Four Corners of Marketing
    Commonwealth Financial Network® launches Four-Corner Marketing, an all-inclusive toolkit to communicate with clients, find new business, develop strategic alliances, and build a brand

    Waltham, MA (April 13, 2010)—Commonwealth Financial Network announces the launch of Four-Corner Marketing, an all-inclusive toolkit with the resources its independent financial advisors can use to grow their businesses. Whether it’s communicating with current clients, finding new business, developing strategic alliances, or building a brand, Four-Corner Marketing provides preapproved materials to strengthen each cornerstone.

    “Advisors are increasingly interested in growing their top line, especially in the wake of the recent market downturn,” said Joni Youngwirth, Commonwealth’s managing principal of practice management. “Yet, advisors often don’t have the time, resources, or expertise to create effective marketing programs from scratch. Four-Corner Marketing offers more than 380 turnkey tools to subsidize the time and cost of an effective marketing campaign.”

    Advisors looking to create or maintain a stream of communication with current clients have access to dozens of compliance-approved letters, seminars, invitations, worksheets, and market updates. Through Commonwealth’s EasySite program, advisors receive a customized website designed to complement all other marketing efforts and to ensure that a strong online presence is preserved.

    Four-Corner Marketing assists advisors in identifying appropriate prospects and provides the tools needed to connect with new business potential, including customized advertisements, marketing brochures, newsletters, and articles of interest. The Client Referral Process offers guidance on how to decide which method is appropriate for a specific advisor, as well as talking points to guide conversations when approaching clients for referrals. 

    “Advisors looking for additional structure can utilize end-to-end Model Marketing Plans. These are predeveloped marketing strategies that include implementation calendars and all the necessary tools to execute the plan,” said Youngwirth.

    Advisors looking to nurture relationships with outside professionals and centers of influence—such as CPAs and attorneys—will gain access to a multitude of resources to build and support their professional network, reinforcing a commitment to a comprehensive planning approach for clients.

    Commonwealth’s brand-building strategies and tactical tools guide advisors in conveying a compelling and consistent marketing message. Four-Corner Marketing offers public relations resources, as well as custom stationery, business cards, and promotional items, to reinforce an advisor’s unique brand identity.

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