What We Offer: Research

Our Investment Research team delivers thoughtful, in-depth analysis and due diligence to help you provide the guidance your clients expect and deserve.


Research Supplement
In-house experts deliver what
you need

Financial Advisor and Private Wealth magazines have named Commonwealth’s Brad McMillan, chief investment officer; Brian Price, vice president, investment management and research; Jim McAllister, manager, investment research; and Meagan Swanson, senior fixed income analyst, to their third annual all-star research team. This marks the third consecutive year for Brad, and the second for Brian and Jim. Nominated by peers, the 4 are among the top 12 recognized in 2013 from a cross-section of research managers throughout the country.

Tap into institutional-quality research from our own Investment Research team—seasoned experts who deliver information on the topics that matter most to you, from analysis of the market and economy to asset allocation and portfolio construction.

We understand the advisor experience from the inside out and deliver research that can make a difference to your clients and your business:

  • Asset Management experts provide regular market and economic commentary and manage Commonwealth’s Preferred Portfolio Services® (PPS) Select program.
  • Alternative Financial Strategies coverage includes analysis and monitoring of managed futures, hedge funds, private equity, and structured products.
  • Real Asset specialists provide analysis, monitoring, and approval of products such as real estate, infrastructure, natural resources, and commodities.
  • Fixed Income analysts offer market analysis and insight. In addition, they can help identify quality issues at competitive prices; gather bid and offering information from many outside sources; and provide guidance on swaps, commissions, constructing bond ladders, choosing individual bonds, and building advanced bond portfolios.
  • Annuity experts act as your consultants, helping you whittle down the universe of available products to help you make the recommendations that are best suited to your clients.
  • Core Financial Strategies analysts provide research and recommendations on mutual funds, ETFs, separately managed accounts, and equities. They also offer insight into the process and people behind the performance of mutual funds and separate account managers.
Across the Curve
Insights for advisors

Our comprehensive Internet-based Research Package, which includes Morningstar® Advisor WorkstationSM, Broadridge/Forefield, Argus Investment Research, Standard & Poor's, and Value Line, is offered on a subscription basis at a substantial discount.


Commonwealth offers a series of asset allocation strategies designed to help meet the objectives of your clients. The framework includes five diversified models, which can be mapped to specific investment objectives; two fixed income models for investors looking for taxable and tax-free income; and options designed for accounts with assets under $100,000.

We also provide 10 model portfolios from Ibbotson Associates to suit a variety of investor needs.


Take advantage of the range of tools and publications our team has designed for specific investment needs, including:

  • Mutual Fund Research Tool, for customizing your view of the funds on our Mutual Fund Recommended List
  • Mutual Fund Snapshots, updated quarterly, for a quick overview of the funds on our recommended list
  • Recommended List Performance, which summarizes performance and risk statistics for all of the funds on the recommended list, all benchmarked against their respective Morningstar® categories and major indices
  • Asset Class Summaries, for quarterly commentary on current events and important changes within both the equity and fixed income asset classes
  • REIT Updates, updated quarterly, for in-depth information on each REIT offering on the Commonwealth platform
  • ETF Quarterly Review, which offers recent news from and about ETF managers, regulatory and legislative changes, exchange-traded product flows, new products, and index changes
  • Taking Stock, released every Monday afternoon, peers into the equity markets, general market news, and events to come
  • Across the Curve, a weekly glance at the fixed income market, includes updates from the Federal Reserve and the FOMC and reports on Treasuries, municipals, corporates, and the international fixed income market
  • Analyst Call Series, where industry experts discuss recent market trends, current events, and other investment news
  • ETF Research Tool, for an easier way to search for, compare, and analyze exchange-traded products
  • Research Quarterly Call, during which our Investment Research team discusses events in the equity and fixed income markets, macroeconomic themes and opportunities, and any major changes to the recommended list
Market Update
Research for your clients

Enrich your client relationships and educate clients with research and tools that include:

  • Weekly and Monthly Market Updates, which include an overview of current market events, recap index performance, and offer insight into what these events may mean for the future. Available in PDF or MS Word formats, the updates can be posted on your EasySite website or e-mailed through Constant Contact.
  • Quarterly Market Update Presentation, a PowerPoint presentation that can be used in client meetings or other settings. Content includes an economic summary and economic themes that emerged during the quarter, as well as ideas to consider over the next quarter.
  • Model Portfolios, to help clients find the best fit for their investment goals and their type of investing. Choose from managed and self-managed, fixed income, equity, income, and alternative asset options.