Running Your Business

COMMunity Link® is your web-based gateway to the full range of business-building tools and resources we offer—as well as to third-party applications—all with a single user ID and password.
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Business Dashboard

Everyone in your office can customize their own view

Mobile Access

Your business goes wherever you do

Viewable on every device Stay connected to your business and our platform even when you’re on the go. Place a trade, move money, confirm a balance transfer, receive alerts, review your compensation report, and more. It’s all available for viewing and easy access from your smartphone or tablet.

Viewable on every device Snap a picture of your client's check, select the account you want it deposited to, and view the status of the deposit, all from your smartphone.

Viewable on every device To place a trade from your smartphone, just go to the Trading menu, tap Place a Trade, then choose the household, account, and position you want to trade. Go back to the menu to view all processed orders.

More resources, just clicks away

Marketing your business

Our Four-Corner Marketing engine makes creating brand-building marketing programs as simple as search, click, and send. Enjoy easy access to more than 1,000 client-approved ads, brochures, articles of interest, press releases, social media status updates, and more.

Build your own program or select from one of dozens of bundles of materials.

Filter your search by audience or topic, see at a glance what new resources have been added, and see what other advisors have “liked” or downloaded.

We also make it easy to take advantage of social media to reach clients and prospects. We can help you outline a strategy, ensure that your website is optimized for social media, and guide you on best practices for using Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter using your own content or our preapproved posts.

Our compliance tool ensures that your interactive content is captured and tracked automatically, so you can post real-time, non-product, or investment-specific content without waiting for approval. More

Custom Website Program

Our EasySite program makes it easy to create a compelling online presence for your firm with templated designs that can be customized and updated to your specific objectives. Use our preapproved content, your own, or a combination of both to tailor your site and provide a robust experience for clients and prospects. More

Information Security

The Commonwealth Shield secures your entire office, automatically updating your network with the latest antivirus/antispyware protection and software updates. And you can stay on top of the latest security alerts with this widget. More

E-Mail Hosting

Free hosted e-mail provides you with secure electronic communications and automatically encrypts e-mails with sensitive data you send to clients—whether you use Outlook, an iPad, or other device. More

Online Peer Forum

The Commonwealth Forum is an exclusive online community that lets you tap in to the knowledge and experience of hundreds of other Commonwealth advisors, as well as the expertise of home office staff. It’s your connection to instant collaboration with peers to help you create and manage sophisticated plans for complex portfolios. More